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Ruflms LLC was created in 2006 after the merge of several minor subtitling and VO companies that had operated since 1993.

We’re often asked if our business is subtitling, translation for voice-over or TRANSLATION for dubbing. The answer is all of these and none of these at the same time. We localize audiovisual content for the Russian, Ukrainian and Baltic markets, but the list of the services we provide is way longer. Besides translating for subtitles, voice-over and dubbing the RuFilms team provides poem and song localization as well as localization of on-screen titles, inscriptions and diagrams into the languages we work with. We also localize VR and 3D material. In other words, we are ready to solve the most complex audiovisual localization problems.

SUBTITLING is one of the fastest and most popular ways of film localization. Such translation is very different from the translation for voice-over and dubbing because the subtitler has to express the whole variety of meanings in the shortest possible way. Our company is very experienced in creating subtitles in many languages for films of various genres. The RuFilms team works with modern specialized professional technology. We are good at dealing with deadlines and heavy workloads.

TRANSLATION FOR FURTHER VOICING includes two types: dubbing and voice-over. And each type has a separate set of requirements for the translator. This way of film material localization requires not only a good translation but also an accurate text adaptation so that the translated material sounds in synchrony with what’s happening on the screen. The RuFilms team has years of experience in translation for all the types mentioned as well as working with directors and actors in sound studios.

Besides the professional translation of audiovisual content, our company prepares SCRIPTS AND DIALOGUE LISTS. What are these?

A script is a document containing a table with a detailed frame-by-frame chronological description of the action and the sound material of a film. It is necessary to have one in order to obtain a film distribution certificate and to transfer the film to the archive: either the State Film Fund or the Russian State Archive for Film and Photographic Documents.

A dialogue list is a table containing all the characters’ lines with accurate time codes which are then used to translate the film into foreign languages. We guarantee that these will comply with all of the archives’ requirements. We also guarantee that the orders will be handed in on time.

THE ACCESIBILITY DEPARTMENT of RuFilms provides accessible films for the audience with special needs. A team of audio describers (some of them are members of the Audio Description Association (UK) and the Audio Description Worldwide Consortium) have described dozens of films, including a 2018 Oscar nominee LOVELESS (Directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev) and winners of the Golden Eagle awards BOLSHOI (2017) by Valery Todorovsky and MATILDA (2018) by Alexey Uchitel. We also have a unique experience in describing astronomical objects for the visually impaired. 

SUBTITLING FOR THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING (SDH) is also in the area of competence of this department.


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