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RuFilms is a multinational localization company that localizes audiovisual content into any language. We translate subtitles, prepare voice-over and dubbing tracks, create audio description and SDH, prepare scripts and dialogue lists, localize lyrics, on-screen titles, VR and 3D materials, and so on. If you need to translate a video into any other slavic language, contact us.

According to Slator, the world’s largest analytical website for the translation industry, RuFilms was recognized as the best Russian Specialized (Translation Boutiques category) Company in terms of growth dynamics. Language Service Provider Index (LSPI) reflects data on 130 market leaders in such categories as Leaders, Challengers, Boutique.

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On the page “OUR SERVICES” you can find recommendations about info you should note when ordering, but if you are not sure what type of translation or localization you need, describe the request in any form.

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