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Education Committee of EGA

Education Committee of EGA

Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) aims to improve the quality of localization. In order to achieve this aim, EGA carries out activities in several committees. For example, there is an Education Committee, which primarily focuses on two types of educational efforts — professional development and inspirational education for the creative community. The vice-president of this committee is our colleague Ekaterina Milekhina, RuFilms LLC Deputy General Director.

Members of Education committee hold meetings to share their experience and discuss joint educational projects. According to Ekaterina, the main task of her committee is «to popularize localization and digital accessibility services. For this purpose, the association organizes two types of events: for audiovisual translators — to improve their professional level, and for content creators — so that they can get an inside look at the localization process».

The main part of the committee’s projects is available only to companies that are members of the association. However, some materials are publicly available.